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Hormones + Blood Draws

Blood levels play a crucial role in one’s overall health, that is why we administer blood draws in our quiet, relaxing, and private setting. Blood tests are a great way to get a snapshot into your state of health. After we get the results back, we will go over them and formulate a plan to help optimize these levels. If you already have had a recent panel done, and would like an alternative approach on managing care, we would be more than happy to go over those with you.

Whether you’re male or female, all ages, hormones play an important role including mood, energy, sex drive, congnitive function, weight changes, and many other aspects of life. If you’re in your 20s-30s it is always a great idea to have a baseline, or if you are going through menopause or andropause can be important to know what to supplement. Hormone draws are no different than blood draws and can easily be combined with any other blood test we might recommend or if you have specific tests you would like to run.

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