The sole foundation of chiropractic is that the body is self-healing and a self-regulating system, and chiropractic care can help promote this function. This drug-free approach has helped millions of people around the world as more and more seek natural and effective forms of treatment.

Chiropractic is much more than treating lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain. Whether you want to get an upper leg on the competition in sports or looking for preventative care from injuries, chiropractic may be right for you. Read More…


Webster technique is a special technique that helps assist the mom through pregnancy and to lessen the tension and pressure that often accompanies this time. Dr. Ryland Weum uses this technique along with other methods to assist during pregnancy and to ease the birthing process.

Pediatric care is a very gentle approach to adjusting the little ones. Such adjustments differ from the traditional adjustment on adults. The importance of pediatric care is vital as their musculoskeletal and nervous system develops through infancy. Read More…


Sometimes the body needs a bit more to help it recover. That’s where Regenerative Medicine comes into play, providing that boost from the body’s own cells to help the body heal.

Our nurse practitioner Courtney Ramberg, APRN offers regenerative medicine in our office including joint injections, neuropathy treatment, trigger point injections, and much more. We see the amazing results of these minimally invasive procedures and can not stop talking about the results. The best part of regenerative medicine it is done naturally and drug-free. Read More…


IV therapies have a wide range of benefits from hydration, immune support, weight loss, to stress relief. These nutrients are administered directly into the bloodstream making them far more bioavailable compared to oral supplements. We have many options when it comes to IV mixtures, check our IV menu or give us a call. Learn More…


Basic labs are important to make sure all organs and systems are functioning correctly and optimally. We then look at these tests a little differently, not as an individual result but look at them from a functional, entire whole-body standpoint. We have the ability to do all blood and hormone tests in our quiet, relaxing, private office setting. Read More…


Food sensitivities and allergies play a major part in the overall health of an individual. Food sensitivities are inflammatory responses that are triggered by food allergens causing illness and discomfort. They differ from traditional allergies, in that symptoms often show up hours or days later making it difficult to pinpoint the upsetting food. Read More…


Performance Health now offers non-surgical decompression therapy. Read More…


Performance Health is now offering ozone therapy. Read More…

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